The Best Way To Rent A Home In Dubai Legally

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You still have to look for housing after securing a job. Depending on your needs and budget, the UAE offers anything from palaces to apartments. There are many options, and no place or neighbourhood in the nation is unsafe.

You should think about these first five things if you are going on a search to find a flat for rent in Dubai.

1. What percentage of your household's income should you set aside for a villa for rent in Dubai?

2. Which would suit you more as a mode of transport, a personal vehicle or a public mode of transport?

3. Are a pool and gym on the property anything you would like?

4. What kind of community environment are you looking for? Are families or individuals better suited to it?

5. How crucial is it to you that restaurants and supermarkets are easily accessible on the ground level?

Consider your priorities and order them. You can make a decision with the aid of that.

Step 1:

In the UAE, there are numerous real estate listings, both print and online. The concierge, community boards at supermarkets, and specific buildings can also be consulted.

There are numerous websites that serve as aggregators for homes that can be rented either directly from the owner or through a licensed broker like Property Shoma.

Most of these websites allow you to filter your search by budget and number of rooms. But instead, you can cut the hassle and directly contact Property Shoma to get the property of your choice.

You should be aware that a sizable amount of your spending will be made up of rent. 30 to 40 percent of a lot of households' expenses go toward paying rent. It's important to consider that.

Most single persons and young couples like a studio and one-bedroom apartments in locations near public transportation, restaurants, parks, and retail centres. There are also four- and five-bedroom properties available, though, if you're seeking to splash out.

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Step 2:

To better understand the facilities and the community, go ahead on a tour of your shortlisted apartments for rent in Dubai. It helps you understand many things about the neighbourhood.

Consider conversing with some of your neighbours. A brief conversation usually makes people pleased.

The following should be examined when you visit the rental apartment:

  • The surveillance system includes cameras, a security officer, and an intercom.

  • A/C, kitchen chimney, water faucet, etc., as well as the state of the apartment's tiles.

  • Make sure the landlord or the tenant is in charge of maintenance.

  • A six-month cleaning of the water tanks is a must.

  • Can you fit comfortably in the rooms? If you bring a measuring tape, you'll need it when it comes time to furnish the apartment.

  • Consider checking parking facilities.

  • Pools and gyms may be found almost anywhere these days.

  • Ensure that your real estate agent is accredited by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). Obtain their broker's number.

Step 3:

After you are happy with everything, you need to discuss the annual rent. You can haggle. Therefore, don't hesitate to assert yourself.

In exchange for accepting fewer checks, many landlords will reduce the rent.

There are also furnished and unfurnished apartments available, which could help you avoid having to pay for appliances like a washing machine, microwave, and cooking range.

Make sure your commute is feasible and won't be backed up by traffic. In advance, you ought to try it out.

Additionally, you should consult with your landlord, building owner, or management if you have a pet or want to adopt a rescued dog or cat.

Before finalising a lease, thoroughly weigh all of your options. A contract cancellation before it is finished could result in losses.

Look at short-term rentals, such as hotel apartments, if you feel insecure.

Your requested villa or apartment is secured by the security deposit.

To hold the property, your landlord will require a refundable security deposit, which is typically equal to one month's rent.

Before the tenancy contract process may start, the following papers must be submitted:

  • Copy of a passport; a copy of a visa;

Information To Ponder:

Take pictures of the vacant property to ensure that you are able to receive your security deposit in full when your lease expires. Request a receipt after you have paid the security deposit.

The ownership deed for Ejari in Dubai must be provided to you.

Check to see that all outstanding service fees have been paid if the property is located in a gated community. You might not get trash collection services if you don't.

After the security deposit is received, your agent will provide you with the tenancy agreement. Please review it before submitting it, along with the rent checks and the agent's payment. Request receipts at all times. The Landlord shall provide you with the necessary keys, access cards, and other items, together with a copy of the leasing agreement.

You must sign up with Ejari after receiving your tenancy contract.

The web-based electronic registration system Ejari requires both landlords and tenants who are renting out their properties to register their rental and lease agreements. Protecting the interests of all parties involved in rental transactions is the goal of this regulatory system:

The applicant will obtain the Ejari Attestation, which consists of three sections, after completing the registration process.

Rent agreement in Ejari:

Here, we convert your individual rental agreement into a structure that Ejari can understand.

Document Proving Ejari Registration:

It is clear from the evidence provided here that a rental agreement was successfully recorded into Ejari's database, giving its provisions legal standing.

Payment Confirmation For Ejari Fees:

This section is a receipt sent by RERA following the payment of the Ejari government fees and the typing service fees.

Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah are likewise governed by the Ejari system. Then, you can install your electricity and water.

Tawtheeq is a system that the Abu Dhabi government uses. For leases in the city, it serves as a register.

Its purpose is to safeguard and assist all parties engaged in renting a home in Abu Dhabi or its environs. Your water and energy accounts will be established by the Abu Dhabi municipality once your tenancy agreement has been legally registered.

Tawtheeq makes renting easy and facilitates communication between landlords and tenants by utilising technology. To manage the neighbourhood real estate market is its primary objective.

Everybody engaged benefits from the connected systems' reduction in time and effort requirements. There is no need to submit a different moving-in application because your water and electricity accounts with ADDC (Abu Dhabi Distribution Co.) will be set up for you when you register with Tawtheeq.

From the Abu Dhabi Municipality website, the Tawtheeq E-form can be obtained. Go to for further information on how to set up Tawtheeq.

For those who would rather register in person, you can go to one of the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City's connected external centres or customer service outlets, the Customer Service Centre at the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City (Head Office), or the Municipality itself.

To register, you'll need to bring your passport, a copy of it, your Emirates ID, and the rental agreement in its entirety.

Take Away Words:

Well, having all the information and getting it executed are two different things. If you don’t have time to get into all these processes and want assistance from an expert real estate broker like us, you can directly give us a visit or call us. We can make this lengthy process of “flat for rent in Dubai”, or if you want to buy properties in Dubai, be it off plan property or ready to move, we got you covered.