Why You Should Buy Off-Plan Properties

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Purchasing an off plan has proven to be a terrific option for many investors to enter the real estate market and advance their careers. Let's look at a few of the factors that can make buying off plan property in Dubai the best option.

Why Buy Off-Plan Properties

Favourable Cost

When buying properties in Dubai, you are essentially relying solely on the information in a brochure and the developer's assurances. There is a degree of danger that is generally not present, compared to, for instance, purchasing a ready property, because there is no tangible item there for you to see and touch. The cost of an off plan property is therefore typically less than the cost of a ready property.

Many off plan projects purchasing opportunities are found in brand-new and developing neighbourhoods, separate from the actual property. Early investment in such communities gives a lot of potential for capital appreciation, which happens when these communities start to take shape and mature.

Superior Option

Purchasing early in a recently announced off plan property in Dubai gives purchasers the opportunity to select the nicest apartments or villas in a certain development. The likelihood of receiving the greatest return on your investment is significantly increased by doing this.

It's Simple to Buy Off Plan

The ease with which a new off plan residence can be purchased is one of its main appeals. There is no need to conduct numerous viewings, pay for property inspections, and endure the occasionally very trying conveyancing process. You simply need to select the unit you want to buy from the project brochure, then sign the agreement for the sale and purchase of the unit. That's how easy it is.

Customization Options

A certain amount of customisation is possible when purchasing a new home. Depending on the type of property, this may entail having options for selecting the colour palette, the complete floor plan, as well as the overall appearance and style of the building.

Able to sell Prior to completion

Off-plan property buyers have the option to resell their homes before a project is finished. Owners can frequently sell at a sizable profit if the market has fared well and the project has proven to be popular. Due to Dubai's absence of capital gains tax, this can be a very alluring and profitable alternative for many investors.

Relaxed Terms and Payment Schedules

Off-plan properties have payment plans, thus their upfront costs are significantly cheaper than those of ready properties. The terms and duration of payment plans can and do vary from one developer to the next, and these differences are frequently based on the anticipated duration of the construction period. The initial investment need is quite modest because some developers just ask for a 5% down payment, with the remainder being financed via development. This is a fantastic option for purchasers who do not have the necessary 25% down payment for a ready property.

An Unfinished Building Can Be Financed

Although it might surprise some, obtaining a mortgage for an off-the-plan property is definitely feasible. The major banks would gladly finance up to 50% of the property purchase price as long as the developer you are buying from has received their approval.


These are only a few of the good reasons to buy properties in Dubai which are under off plan, but it is important to keep in mind that, like any other investment, not all off plan projects in Dubai are worthwhile. There are some excellent projects on the market, as well as unquestionably some subpar ones that lack the advantages listed above. This is why it always pays to conduct your research and enlist the assistance of an expert in off-plan properties like Property Shoma who can help you make sense of everything and point you in the correct route.

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