Important Questions To Ask Before Buying Properties In Dubai

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Investors who plan to buy properties in Dubai, UAE, enjoy better returns than those made in other significant markets, such as London and Hong Kong. The real estate market in Dubai, UAE, has long been a wise choice for those looking to invest in land.

Recent price stability in the Dubai residential real estate market has resulted in homes becoming more accessible to purchasers, positioning Dubai as a vital location for high-growth investment for both investors and individuals interested to buy properties in Dubai.

It seems like you are looking to buy properties in Dubai Marina! Browse below the crucial inquiries should you make when looking at Dubai properties for sale:

Key Questions To Ask When Buying Properties in Dubai, UAE

1. For how long have the following Dubai properties been available for sale?

In Dubai when looking for a property finder, listings will have all the necessary information, including how long these Dubai properties have been up for sale. The process of selling a house is laborious and drawn out. However, it takes about 90 days to finish the procedure. One should always check why a home is in the market for sale longer than they anticipated.

It could be that no one is capable of upgrading it or that the price was too exorbitant. Maybe there's a costly and scary explanation. The house can have structural issues, for instance.

2. Why Is the Home Being Sold by the Owner?

Homes are sold in Dubai for a variety of reasons, and it is acceptable to inquire as to why. Finding out why a house you like is on the market might help you evaluate if it's a good fit, whether the seller wants a second bedroom or a patio.

From a "negotiating" standpoint, a seller who needs to sell their house soon is probably going to settle for a lower offer. You will be able to reevaluate your demands if they decide to sell the house because of problems like a lack of storage space.

3. When will the property be accessible?

You should be able to see properties that are currently available. Don't forget to mark the times when the properties will be available.

4. What Are the Local Property Sale Prices?

Find out how many other properties have sold in the neighbourhood by asking your Dubai property finder. They ought to be knowledgeable about the local real estate market and able to tell you whether the price of your potential home is fair.

5. Which Items Are Included in the Sale?

When purchasing a home in Dubai, fixtures like window coverings, sinks, and cabinetry are frequently included. But many times there are few things that are not on the list. Hence don't forget to mention in your offer what the house comes with. Are you searching for a stainless steel refrigerator, washer, or dryer? If the vendor is open to including these products in the transaction, inquire about it.

6. What are the local prospects?

Would the real estate agent from Dubai be willing to live there themselves? During your viewing, will the vendor be there? Pose them this query. But doing your research is best.

7. How Much Are Utilities?

Equally important to your mortgage payments are the costs of living in your current residence. Be sure to know the projected cost of your monthly expenses before viewing a property in Dubai. These could represent a considerable portion of your monthly expenses, depending on your home's design and where you live.

8. Has there been any remodelling or upkeep?

If there is a history of repairs and renovations, you should be very careful during your property inspection and inquire about warranties. Renovations in the past may be a warning that you should be particularly vigilant during your house inspection and enquire about warranties. If the house's original plans are still available, request to see them. It's possible that the house has recurring problems. If not, this is still a great approach to assess how the asking price stacks up against the property's worth.

9. What Is The Monthly Cost On Average?

Find out what the typical cost of living is for your property, including utilities and council tax costs. Don’t miss to check if you can afford the mortgage. Council tax bands can often be more challenging to change, whereas utilities like electricity and gas can vary depending on your supplier.

10. How many parking spaces are available to you, and how many access cards are required?

If you buy an apartment in Dubai, rent, or live in a villa or townhouse, this question might not be pertinent. To enter gated neighbourhoods, however, you might need to provide proof of residency. In some situations, these might be offered for nothing or at a low cost. Inquire with your broker regarding the number of parking spaces you will get if you rent an apartment.

11. Are Pets allowed?

If you already own a pet or are thinking about getting one, it is crucial to find out about its condition. Many landlords forbid pets from living in their properties.

12. Is there a mortgage on the property?

Before purchasing a home, it is imperative to speak with the seller. Mortgage repayment is required before the unit can be transferred to the new owner.

13. What Are The Service Fees?

Many purchasers neglect to find out how much maintenance on a house will cost. A few thousand dirhams to $100,000 can be spent on building services annually. The original cost estimate needs to account for these fees.

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