Dubai Property For Sale For Dh130 Million

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The Palm Jumeirah has always been in the news because of how much its homes cost. Real estate buyers from all over the world are interested in the area. Palm Jumeirah now has another thing going for it: a Dh130 million house by LW Design Group, one of Dubai's most costly private homes.

The M.State collection has five houses on the point of Frond M on the Palm Jumeirah. Villa Aurum is the last villa in the collection. Designed to meet the needs of the most discerning elite, each home has five or six bedrooms spread out over three floors and a private beach at least 28 meters long. This is a new level of luxury living. The Villa Aurum is now on the market for sale for Dh130 million.

Many investors have shown interest in buying and selling properties in the UAE. We regularly receive queries regarding villas for sale in Dubai and off-plan properties for sale. Dubai is not just home to several offices. It is also a great place to live and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

A Glimpse at Luxurious Properties Sold in Dubai 

The second most expensive home sold in 2019 was a six-bedroom villa in Emirates Hills that was 17,800 square feet and sold on the secondary market for Dh64 million. Next is a five-bedroom Garden Home house on the Fronds of the Palm Jumeirah that sold on the secondary market for Dh51 million.

In 2018, a house in Emirates Hills sold on the secondary market for Dh90 million was the most expensive home.

"As property prices go down, both in the secondary market and in the off-plan market, and as developers give many different kinds of incentives, there is more interest in premium properties, especially from people who don't live there. Also, there are more mortgage requests from people who don't live in the country, says Lynnette Abad, head of Research and Data at Property Finder.

"As prices have decreased, properties that were once thought too expensive have become more appealing. As a result, we are getting more inquiries in some of the more established, well-known, and popular areas,” Said Abad.

Properties in Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Hills Estate

Dubai's priciest homes have often been in Palm Jumeirah, but other parts of the emirate have also had their fair share of expensive houses. A Mediterranean-style mansion with six bedrooms in Dubai Hills Estate costs Dh120 million and has an area of 21,000 square feet. It has three floors, views of a green golf course, and a big swimming pool whose temperature can be managed.

Another seven-bedroom house in Dubai Hills is for sale for Dh98 million. It has an interior area of 26,693 square feet, a swimming pool whose temperature can be changed, and a championship golf course with 18 holes in the middle.

Who Can Invest in Dubai Real Estate Market?

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