Are You Looking For An Apartment To Rent In Dubai?

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The majority of UAE citizens automatically rent an apartment there. Finding a place to live is one of the most important things to think about when you arrive in a new country, and for many of us, that means looking for an apartment to rent in Dubai. Having said that, you must comprehend the laws and guidelines governing tenancy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Consider These 9 Guidelines Before Renting

Before you start looking for an apartment or villa for rent in Dubai, there are a few important guidelines that we will go over in this article.

1. Rental Increase: 90 Days Prior Notice Is Required

According to the law controlling relations between tenant and landlord: Articles 6 and 14 of Dubai Law No.26 2007, if your lease is due to be renewed, your landlord must notify you three months in advance if they want to increase rent.

2. Rental Growth is Limited

If the rent on your apartment or villa is raised, the DILD has put a cap on how much can be raised (Dubai Land Department). This sum is determined by how well your rent performs relative to the average rent for similar properties in UAE.

The landlord may raise the rent by 10% at renewal if, for example, your property is 30% less expensive to rent than the neighbourhood's median price for other apartments. The rental may rise by 15% if the value is between 31% and 40% less than the total amount rented.

The rent can be raised up to 20% of the present amount if it is over 40% less than the total of other comparable properties in the UAE. The DLD's online Rental Index can help you decide whether your landlord's increase in your rental rate is within the acceptable ranges.

3. No One Can Shut Off The Water And Electricity Supply

If you don't pay your rent on time, you could face serious consequences including eviction. However, your landlord is not permitted to turn off the electricity or water supply to your property. Regarding this, the rental law in Dubai is extremely explicit. If this occurs, you can ask the landlord to restore utilities by submitting a petition order through the Rental Dispute Centre. Within 24 hours, you will be given the decision once the partition is filed.

4. In Cases, Eviction Notices Are Given 12 Months In Advance

If any of the following occurs, landlords are required by law to provide a 12-month notice:

There is meticulous upkeep, and the reason for the expulsion is the demolition. Eviction results from the restoration.

5. Look At The Average Rental Costs In The Area You Plan To Move To

If you're looking for a villa or an apartment for rent in Dubai and want to know if the rental fee is fair, check out prior rents for the same property on google. You'll find all the data for different real estate transactions in Dubai here from DLD.

6. You Must Get Permission Before Subletting Your House

The law permits landlords to evict tenants in a few circumstances, including when the tenant fails to pay rent within 30 days of the exact date the notice was given, when the tenant uses the property for improper purposes, in a way that compromises morals or public order, or if the tenant sublets the property without the landlord's consent.

7. The Lease Agreement Differs From Ejari

These two names are distinct even though people often use them interchangeably. The agreement you sign with your landlord is known as a tenancy contract, and the process of registering that contract with the DLD is known as ejari.

The following papers must be submitted to Ejari:

  • Specifics and IDs of the landlord

  • Conditions of the Contract

  • Additionally, the sum that the tenant must pay

8. Give No "Key Money"

Your real estate agent in Dubai might want a security deposit, sometimes known as "key money," prior to closing on a property to verify your sincerity as a renter, however, the law forbids this. Furthermore, you should refuse such requests.

9. Rental Dispute Settlement Centre

The Rental Dispute Settlement Centre (RDSC), a government agency in charge of rent-related cases in Dubai, can be contacted if there are any issues between the landlord and renter. The average time it takes for RDSC to resolve a matter is 15 days.

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